Friday, August 07, 2009

I work for an employment agency and I hate my job

Alchol Induced Philosophical Discussion

When I drink, I suddenly become increasingly introspective and philosophical. Today the subject of my drunken rant will be, guess what?

I hate my job. Let me add further clarrification

* I work for an employment agency, which has a contract with a major computer hardware/software manufacturer in my area.
* My co-workers who also work for this employment agency are reffered to by a number of names: Contractors, contract employees, ETW's (external temporary workers). Hence, the blurb on the left side of the page about me being a Contract Employee Peon.
* There is a certain amount of discrimination against Contractors at my workplace. Most of this stems from a lawsuit brought against the company a few years ago. To make a long story short, "real" employees of the company have been instructed to make a definite division between contractors and actual employees. If they didn't make this distinction, they would be subject to lawsuits on the basis of "dual employment" which is illegal under California State Law.

So, I hope that provides a little further clarification of the circumstances that have led me to hate my job. Now I will list EXACTLY why I hate my job.

* I don't feel that my ideas are valued or encouraged by employees of the company. (I have repeatedly e-mailed my manager with ideas that could improve our working environment and have received nary a reply.)
* My employment agency is out to cover their own ass, and could give a shit about me. I work alongside employees of THE COMPANY, actually performing EXACTLY THE SAME TASKS. But I get paid less. My employment agency will not transfer me out of this job unless THE COMPANY requests I be removed. Thus, this is a dead end job.

This post is quickly starting to resemble drunken rambling, so I'll try to rein in my thoughts.

* I want a job where my creativity and desire to improve the working environment for everyone involved is valued and encouraged.
* I want to be recognized and paid for my hard work.
* I want management to communicate with employees, and not treat us like idiots who will flip out at the first sign of trouble.
* I want a job that changes semi-regularly, where I'm not doing the same fucking task over and over and over and over, like I have been since June 14, 2002.
* I want a job that provides advancement opportunities, and provides employees an opportunity to expand their skill-set instead of the job I currently have that has used the same programs for years. This robs employees of the opportunity to seek alternate employment, because they've become reliant on the way THE COMPANY does things.

So, in summary: I hate my job because the job does not challenge me, management does not respect me, and i'm not being paid in accordance to what I bring to the table.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Man Files Suit To Ban Oreo Cookies

Wasn't it a matter of time until this happened? A suit was filed in San Francisco against Kraft Foods, makers of Oreo cookies seeking a ban on everyone's favorite chocolate & lard flavored cookie.

This may not be bad publicity for Kraft foods though.

Did you know that they introduced new Inside-out Oreos?

Monday, January 05, 2004

Charlie Chan

Let us mark the arrival of Charlie Chans birthday, in honor of the person whose non-stop complaining, drinking, racism, and misanthropy has kept me alive through the neglect of its other masters.

He remains reviled but yet beloved; full of small joys but spilling over with piss-tasting haterade; always up for a good time, and always down for a smoking whatever that is in your hand; a dried-up old bag, but like the Chicken man, so full of life.